Thursday, April 18, 2013

10 Things to do with kids on rainy days.

Have you ever heard the words from your kids, "I'm board"?  I am sure like many parents you probably have at least once.  I find on rainy days I especially here this. With summer time coming and the kids being out of school, we all will probably here those dreaded words at least once.  Below I have compiled a list of 10 things to do with kids when it rains. 

No I am not going to tell you to get your kids to sleep.  I just thought he looked so cute and peaceful.  If you're a Mother of little ones like me, you probably wish you could do this on a rainy day.
Now back to my list.

1. If it is a warm day and it is not a thunderstorm.  You could let your kids go play in the rain.  Even better you could go play in the rain with them.  Let them jump in the puddles.  You could even put them in there swim suits for this. 

2. Do a science experiment with them.

3. Make some DIY play dough with your kids and let them have fun with it afterwards.  I usually throw a rolling pin and some cookie cutters out for my kids to use with the play dough.  The Internet is full of recipes for DIY play dough.  Here are a few links for some, Modern Parents Messy Kids, Betty Crocker, and the imagination tree.

4. Play a board game. 

5. Read a book.

6. Watch a movie together.

7. Build a fort.  After you build it hang out in it with your kids.  Even better is if you combine building a fort with either reading or watching a movie.

8. If it is a thunderstorm, count the seconds between thunders.

9. Put on some music and have a dance party.

10. Do a craft project, or try cooking a new recipe with your kids.

There are endless possibilities but I hope this will help with some ideas.

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