Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

      Happy Mother's Day!  I am spending mother's day resting.  I wanted to share a funny store about a gift that Princess made for me at school for mother's day.  Princess made me several beautiful pictures for mother's day but at school they also did this questionnaire titled All About My Mom!  Now I imagine that the answers were all probably pretty funny.  Below is what the questionnaire said.  Princess's answers are in between the lines and my responses are in the ().  Hope you enjoy and hope you all have a wonderful mother's day.

All About My Mom!

Let me tell you about my mom!
She is __5____ years old.   (Not even close but it is funny that she thinks I am her age.)

She likes to _______take care of my babies__________________________________________.
  (Um I do not have a clue what she means unless she is talking about her baby dolls.)

The best thing she cooks is ________Egg Salad_____________________.
    (Not the best thing I cook but it is one of her favorites)

Her favorite food is
____________Chicken Nuggets______________________.
    (Wrong but I give her credit for trying to guess.)

Her favorite thing to do to relax is
__________________do her e-mail____________.
     (Probably because she sees me working on my blog a lot.  She thinks whenever someone is on the computer they are checking e- mail.)

We like to ______fold laundry______________________ together.
     (I do not really enjoy folding laundry but she does)

She is really good at ______ironing_________________.
       (This is funny because she has never seen me iron anything)

As you can see my mom is special because
(LOL um I do not think she understood this question.)

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