Friday, March 22, 2013

15 Uses for Diaper Cloths

You ever wonder what to do with cloth diapers after your kids are too old for them? I have a ton of diaper cloths that I received as hand me downs, or on my baby shower cloth diaper cake.  I never knew what to do with them. So one day I was racking my brain of what I could do with them. That is when I started to come up with all sorts of things to do with them.  Below is a list I have compiled of different uses for diaper cloths.

1. Fold one in half and use it as a hot pad for setting hot dishes on.

2. For the rectangle ones. You can let your kids color on them with permanent marker. Then turn them in to cloth place mats. Or if you are feeling really creative make your own art creation on them and use them as place mats.

3. Use them as a dish rag and dry dishes with them.

4. For that matter you could use them to wipe down the counters

5. Wipe up spills. I use them all the time for cleaning up after my kids spill stuff.

6. Wipe out your microwave.

7. Wash windows with them.

8. Wash mirrors with them.

9. Wipe down your sinks with them.

10. Use them as dust cloths

11. Use them for art project cleanup

12. Wipe down your toilets with them.

13. Wipe down your kids toys with them.

14. Use them for blotting stains out of laundry.

15. Turn them into hand towels for your kids.

These are just some uses that I came up with for diaper cloths. I am sure there endless possibilities with just a little creative thinking.

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