Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Cake Fiasco

 For Princess's birthday yesterday I decided to bake a cake.  Now for those of you who do not know me this is a big feat.  Well the problem is that I am way to ambitious.  I wanted to make this three layer castle cake for her.  The problem with that is that I am not a cake baker.  I can bake breakfast cakes and cupcakes.  But if it has to come out of the pan forget about it.  They either crumble, break, split down the middle, or lopsided.  
   Regardless of my history of cakes, I set out on a mission yesterday.  I was convinced that yesterday was going to be the day that everything fell in to place for me.  I was going to bake this beautiful cake that was going to match the picture in my head.  Well that lasted all of ten minutes.  In the first 10 minutes I messed up one of the cake batters by measuring out to much water.  But with some quick thinking I was able to fix the problem.  When the cakes came out of the oven, they looked great.  I thought for sure everything else would go fine.  Nope not even close.  The one cake started crumbling when I tried to take it out.  It was stuck to the bottom.  So I tried all sorts of stuff.  But the more I tried the more it crumbled and fell apart.  No amount of icing was going to fix this fiasco.  My other 2 cakes were lopsided, but did not crumble. I decided to throw the crumbled one out and forged on.  The end result looked like a lopsided shack.  But to my daughter it was beautiful, because Mommy made it for her.  But needless to say, after this I will no longer be baking cakes.  Below is a picture of the Castle / Lopsided Shack.

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  1. Too funny! Don't give up all hope. This really didn't turn out that bad. I actually think it is pretty cute. made with love...yes!