Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Spring / Summer Bucket List

  Today is the 1st day of spring.  Warmer weather is just around the corner.  And with the warmer weather Schools let out for summer.  And then comes the time were you are left looking for things to do to entertain the kids. Below is my personal Spring / Summer Bucket list.  I hope to be able to do as many as possible with my kids.  Feel free to check out the links or do some of them with your kids.

 1. Go Swimming at the Beach        
 2.Camp Out in Our Backyard         
 3.Build a Fort in the Backyard           
  5.Go to the Park          
 6.Have a Water Balloon Fight         
 7. Have a Homemade Water Park Day (Water Blob, Homemade Slip and Slide, Shaving Cream Slide, Sensory Pool, Baby Pool, Water Balloons, and Water Guns.)          
8. Fly Kites     
 9.Make Homemade Ice Cream   
10. Go Playground Hopping      
11. Build a Sandcastle
12. Go to a Free Movie at a Park         
13.Have a Backyard Barbecue
14. Collect Seashells at the Beach         
15. Have a Family Game Night
16. Catch Lightening Bugs        
17.Eat Breakfast Outside
18. Try a New Fruit        
19. Go Berry Picking         
20. Dance in the Rain   
21.Spot Shapes in the Clouds    
 23. Plant a garden       
  24.Make Trix Krispies          
26.Make a Summer Fruit Pizza     
 27.Have an Outdoor Picnic Games
28. Go to a Farmers Market         
30. Have a Drive in Movie Night       
31. Freezer Banana Pops
34. Make a Water Blob    
 37.Make Solar S'Mores    
38.Sponge Painting   
 40. Ice Cube Painting   
 41.Outdoor Bean Bag Toss         
44. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches    
46. Homemade Volcano    
 48. Ice Cream in a bag    
50. Frozen Watermelon Pops    
 51.  Frozen Excavation    
52. DIY Slip and Slide     
 53. Bubble Snake   
54.  Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt
55.  Make Summer Sponge Bombs      
 56. Make a DIY Water Slide
57.  Play a Fishing Game in the Baby Pool      
58.  Make a Summer Tent     
 59. Go Fruit Picking
60.  Make Camp Fire Food        
62.  Baking Soda Painting         
63. Faded Sun Prints               
64. DIY Slip and Slide        
 65.  Dancing Raisins  

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