Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pacifier or Finger?

 Do you have kids?  Are your kids finger or pacifier suckers?   My 3 have all been different.  Princess was a pacifier girl.  She became very picky about her pacies.  To the point that she only liked one pacifier.  Then one day when she was a little over a year old, I lost it.  Not on purpose either.  We tried another one that was identical.  But there was know fooling her.  She knew that was not her pacifier.  After this she was no longer a pacifier girl. 
   Captain Curious never really liked either.  If you gave him a pacifier he would either spit it out or toss it.  This I know in the long run is the best thing.  But when they are tired and crying it is nice to have something beside yourself that soothes your baby.
    My 5 month old is kind of a little bit of both.  Really he is a finger sucker.  But I try to push it the other way cause I figure if I have to choose I choose pacifier.  So which would you choose for your child?  Which is better?  I am not an expert obviously.  I just know that in my experience and from what I have heard that it is easier to break babies of the pacifier then fingers.  Feel free to post a comment on your opinion.

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