Thursday, March 7, 2013

Free Stuff

     So you know that saying, "The best things and life are free".   I used to say that nothing was ever free.   That everything comes at a cost.  Well I now have come to realize that I was wrong.  Some of the best things in life really are free.  For example in the North East where I am at, in the summer time certain parks have free movies in the evenings.  Some of the parks have free concerts.  Last year I stumbled upon a website called My Free Product Samples (you can check it our here). Since that day when I stumbled across this site I have gotten tons of free stuff.  I have gotten anything from free shampoo samples, and bath products, too free food.  That is right I said free food.  This site in a way changed my life.  It is not easy trying to get by on one income, and every little bit helps. So if you are curious make sure you check out the site

Here are some pictures of some of the samples that I have recieved.  These are mainly just beauty product ones.  The food ones do not last long in my house.

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